We desire the perfect attainment of truth, beauty, and goodness because our hearts are made for God.

The objective of this new organization is to offer presentations that highlight Truth, Beauty, and Goodness through God’s creation and the people presenting. Our speakers will be artists, musicians, people with compelling faith stories, and more. Each will present one or more of the three elements of our foundation.

Our logo is the triquetra, which is often associated with our Triune God. God the Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit are inexplicably united yet uniquely three. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness are equally united and unique. This is no mistake! God’s creation is made to help us understand His love for us and His perfect plan.

We are excited to announce that all presentations will be held at the newly christened


Monsignor James E. Gilg Performing Arts Center at Skutt Catholic High School